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How does the permit expediting process work? 

Before permits are ever approved, a licensed architect is needed to draw up your construction plans, while a city-registered contractor is the only person with authority to pull the actual permits from the Department of Buildings (DOB). Permit expediters often offer planning and drafting services and are great referral sources to quality plumbers and contractors. Once your plans are solidified your permit application will be assigned a plan examiner. A plan examiner is hired by the city, county, or village to approve your permits. To obtain approval, you need to be able to accurately discuss your plans with the plan examiner – a task most homeowners are not equipped to do. This is where permit expediters can help you the most. MED Expeditors already has relationships with plan examiners and can complete the plan approval process much faster than doing it on your own hence the term “expediter.”

What is a Permit Expediter? 

A Permit Expediter is a consultant who helps to maneuver permit requests because navigating the paperwork required by your cities’ planning department can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive mission. These consultants are professionals within the industry who work to make the process of applying for a permit less confusing. Though an expediter will not physically speed up the process, they will make the process work as efficiently as possible. There are different typed of expeditors: some of these consultants will help you to research and prepare your case, resolve your permit issues, obtain a permit and/or license. There are others who only do research. Here in MED Expeditors we do both do that the client could have the best building permit experience possible.

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